Feel free to call us at: 703-370-8414 or email us at: info@brightstartva.com

For New Families

Bright Start’s management team will send documentation to you to complete after you have accepted a space for your child.

Easy Payments through Brightwheel

Bright Start offers the safety, convenience and ease of billing through Brightwheel. You can set your account up for autopay or invoices can be paid individually as they are due. Payments are made from your bank account; we do not accept credit card payments. Once enrolled, you will receive an invitation to set up your Brightwheel billing account.

Siblings receive a 10% discount off the youngest child’s tuition, as listed below.

Teddy Bears Classroom (6 weeks to 12 months) $2165
Busy Bees and Turtle Tots Classrooms (12 months to 24 months) $1990
Caterpillars, Bugs, Tigers, and Zebras Classrooms (2 years) $1890
Preschool: Penguins, Polar Bears, Pandas, and Dolphins Classrooms (3, 4, and 5 years) $1765
Waitlist/Registration Fee $100 per family