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Nurturing at its earliest!

Infancy is a remarkable time of growth and development in a child’s life. Our teachers are hand selected for this classroom and most have been working with our infants for over 5 years. The Teddy Bears’ classroom and curriculum are designed to develop physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills for babies between the ages of six weeks and twelve months. The classroom is divided into two areas for younger infants and older infants and the babies move through these areas based on their stage of development.

In addition to nutrition and daily needs, your child will explore the world around them through language (babbling), gross motor skills and fine motor skills (holding a bottle independently).  Our teachers shower the infants with attention by holding them, singing to them, and rocking them periodically throughout the day.  These interactions help to foster their cognitive and emotional development.

In their classroom, teachers play with the babies on mats to encourage sitting up, crawling and standing.  Mirrors at floor-level stimulate recognition and encourage children to pull themselves up at the sight of their reflections. Infants also experience tummy time and practice hand-eye coordination. The teachers introduce the babies to music through songs in both English and Spanish and to art through a variety of creative activities.

We want your child to feel happy, safe and secure while they are in our care.  We display family pictures in their crib and classroom, to help emulate their home environment.  Your child’s teachers will be responsive to each infant’s individual needs and daily routines, partnering with you every step of the way.

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