Welcome to the Parent Council Page

The Parent Council is going well and we are so grateful to the parents that have volunteered their time.  The time and effort our parent representatives give are much appreciated and will make a difference to our Center and the children and families we serve.  The main purposes of the Parent Council include the following:

  • To work together with teachers, parents, and management to support the Center;
  • To make sure that all parents have a comfortable place to express their views; and
  • To build links and involve parents in the activities of the center.

Teddy Bears:  bslc.pta.teddybears@gmail.com

                     Representatives:  Brooke H.M.


Busy Bees: bslc.pta.bees@gmail.com

                     Representatives:  Anna B., Kristen B.


Turtle Tots:  bslc.pta.turtletots@gmail.com

                     Representatives:  Mary C.H.               


Tigers:  bslc.pta.tigers@gmail.com               

                     Representatives:  Laura F., Seth K.

Bugs:  bslc.pta.bugs@gmail.com

                     Representatives:  OPEN

Giraffes:  bslc.pta.giraffes@gmail.com

                     Representatives:  Passent S.


Penguins:  bslc.pta.penguins@gmail.com

                     Representatives:  Andrew S.

Polar Bears:  bslc.pta.polarbears@gmail.com

                     Representatives:  Andrew S.

Pandas:  bslc.pta.pandas@gmail.com

                     Representatives:  Rob P., Jennifer P.


Zebras:  bslc.pta.zebras@gmail.com             

                     Representatives:  Kim B.

Dolphins:  bslc.pta.dolphins@gmail.com

                     Representatives:  Cynthia B.