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Below are at-home resources that parents can use.

  • Mother Goose Curriculum

    This is the main curriculum we use at the center. Look for your child’s age and you’ll be able to find some additional information.

    Complete Curriculum System for 0 – 5 years

  • Power Tots

    This channel provides body skills that typically work on our tots. Home tutorials provided.


  • Education.com

    This website has lots of free activities for preschoolers and printable worksheets.


  • ABCMouse.com

    This program provides an online curriculum for children between the ages of 2 and 8. The first month is free.


  • ABCYA.com

    This website is free. It provides games for preschoolers and kindergarten children.


  • HandsOnAsWeGrow.com

    This website provides activities for babies and school-agers. The site will give you projects to enhance your child’s creativity and provide more hands-on projects.


  • Preschool At Home Curriculum

    This is another curriculum that provides activities for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. These different activities can be incorporated into your daily routine.

    Preschool at Home Curriculum

  • Pinterest.com

    The ideas you can find on Pinterest are endless. You just have to create an account and depending on what you are looking for, you can create your board and make wonders!


  • TravelandLeisure.com

    This is an awesome idea for preschoolers and a great family activity for these upcoming days!


  • Scholastic.com

    This is the magazine service for our Pre-K, Pandas and Zebras. It is an interactive site where kids can learn about different topics.


  • ArtsOnTheHorizons.com

    This channel has programming has 20-minute, interactive story time sessions three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). Each session is led by one of their teaching artists and the content is geared for children ages 2-6. Videos include stories, songs, warm-ups, movement, and more.



  • Job Chart: Give children jobs around the house. Think of different ways your child can help you around the house. Giving children jobs and responsibilities allows them to develop independence and confidence.
  • Washing Dishes & Have Fun with Bubbles: Children love washing dishes – let them wash plastic containers, plastic plates, cups and bowls, etc. This will last for a long time (probably 15 to 20 minutes). Children will explore sensory, color coordination, science (sink and float) math empty and filling with bubbles and water.
  • Create a Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Menu: Create a menu using the children’s ideas. This activity will allow you to introduce more healthy foods, food pyramids and the days of the week. Children LOVE dramatic play as well. Set up your dining area like a restaurant.
  • Letter Hunt Game: Write each letter on a separate piece of paper. Hide the letters around the house. Play the song ABC from the Jackson 5. Let the child search around the house looking for letters. See how many letters your child finds and you may need to help them with this activity. This activity will help children with letter recognition, math/counting and just having fun with music and bonding.
  • Building a Fort: Bring out bed sheets and help children build a fort. Ask your child what type of items you may need to build your fort. This helps children with independence, imagination, Math (Measuring), and fine motor skills (folding and unfolding). Get a flashlight and books and have storytelling inside your fort.
  • Have a Puppet Show: Children LOVE to act out! Help your child make puppets using paper bags and whatever you may have to make a cast of puppets. This helps with children social and emotional skills, creating more of their imagination while acting out their story for their show.
  • Have a Craft Night: Bring out your old magazines, scissors glue and etc. Make it a craft night and have your child tell you what they created and hang it around the house. This activity will help with children’s vocabulary, imagination, fine motor.
  • Exercise Night: Bring out your child’s favorite music and have a workout ! Let them stretch and have fun. This activity helps children develop more gross motor skills as well as bringing out music and movement. KIds just like to have fun.
  • Create a Bored Jar: If you feel like you’re running out of ideas, Bring out an old plastic jar or bucket. Ask your child what type of activities they would like to do whenever they feel like they feel bored or if your child completes a task around the house. and write them those activities down and place them in a jar. Have you pick one activity and have fun. Develop a journal and ask your child about their learning experience when doing their activity.