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The learning programs we teach with love

Bright Start’s programs are specially tailored for each child’s needs for every developmental stage. They are designed to cultivate and inculcate children’s love for learning. Our dedicated early education teachers implement our programs’ curriculums with earnest sensitivity to your child’s individual needs.


Our Center’s Unique Features

Safe and Secure

Safety is our top priority. Each of our facilities is equipped with secure entry keypads and cameras. Classrooms have landline telephones as well as walkie talkies to communicate with each other and the office. We practice safety drills on a monthly basis and our teachers are trained in First Aid and CPR.

Dedicated Teaching Team

Bright Start’s staff is what makes our school so special. Most of our teachers have been with us long-term, some since the day we opened in 2005. Our teachers are committed to providing excellent quality care and developing nurturing relationships with the children and their families.

Cameras in Every Classroom

Using an industry-leading third-party provider, PB&J TV, cameras in every classroom allow parents to stay connected to their children throughout the day. Each family is given access to his or her child’s classroom, where you can view child on the web or through the PB&J TV app.

Daily Photos & Reports

Parents remain connected to their child throughout the day receiving reports, photos, and videos on a secure mobile app by Brightwheel. This app also allows you to communicate directly with your child’s teachers through a messaging feature.

Parent Engagement

From opportunities to serve on the Parent Advisory Council to donating time and talents in the classroom and during special events, parents are encouraged to play an active role in the Bright Start community. As a part of our family, we rely on you to foster our community of lifelong learners.


Bright Start offers a variety of enrichment and extracurricular activities throughout the year. In addition to a weekly music program, we contract with a number of outside vendors to offer many different opportunities such as dance, gymnastics, soccer, and martial arts.


Contact us for inquiries about our programs or to process your child’s enrollment.