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Calibrating your child’s autonomy to good

Our toddler program, from about 17 months to two years old, focuses on your baby building independence and confidence. No longer a vulnerable infant, toddlers are ready to take on the world. Toddlers are busy and curious – about everything. Teachers in the Busy Bees and Turtles classrooms make it their mission to help foster their independence yet remain ready to give a helping hand. Our toddler program builds on the fine and gross motor skills developed during the first year allowing for exploration and play in a safe, responsive setting.

Teachers listen attentively, talk through routines, and are sensitive to the types of activities that engage the child’s attention to cultivate new, complex thinking skills. They encourage the children to explore and be curious in their safe environment.

A typical day for a toddler will include:

  • Play, play, and more play as children learn through play, whether independent play or with their friends
  • Storytime
  • Art activities
  • Interactive music and dance
  • Outdoor time
  • Learning self-help skills such as washing hands and picking up after themselves.

Teachers work closely with families about developmental accomplishments and prepare daily progress reports.

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